For shy, awkward Stella Gold, the only good thing to come out of junior high gym class was her friendship with Emily Martin, the effortlessly cool rebel. Emily is now a trendy New York fashion designer with a penchant for affairs with all kinds of inappropriate men. Stella, a schoolteacher, has never strayed far from her provincial Pennsylvania hometown. Yet these two, now in their twenties, have shared everything, from bonding over the mystery of tampons and Milli Vanilli T-shirts to swapping stories about first loves and one-night stands. But there's one secret Stella has never told her best friend....

When Emily calls from London with startling news, Stella is faced with a choice. She must either confront a long-buried demon or let Emily make a giant mistake that just might end their friendship for good.

JOYRIDE is a captivating novel about best friends speeding along on the road of life -- unaware of the dangerous curves that await them.

Copyright 2004 by Harlequin Enterprises Limited

"a roller coaster of emotions that will keep readers turning pages as fast as they can." - Melt Magazine

"A completely addictive novel about friendship, love and betrayal." - Whitney Gaskell, author

"a complex, rich and beautifully written book... Author Lindsay Faith Rech is supremely talented to pull such a story together. -

"There is an emotional intensity that leaves the reader captivated until the last page." - A Romance Review