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What people are saying about IT STARTED WITH A DARE:

"This is the first book that I've ever read by Lindsay Faith Rech and I will give it to her for writing a story that I couldn't for the life of me put down." - The Book Scoop

"It's not very often that books show us the perspective of someone who is knowingly doing wrong and because of that I found this book really interesting and pretty much read it in one sitting. The author has written a story that is light and easy despite the complicated scenarios that the characters deal with, and she made it fun and entertaining to boot." - Paperback Dolls book blog

"IT STARTED WITH A DARE has a remarkable, fresh voice and you feel like you're sitting right there with CG as she tells her story... This story was laugh-out-loud funny and hard to put down." - Ali Cross book blog

"...there was so much to love about IT STARTED WITH A DARE... CG is witty, she's bright, she pops off the page... this is not a book that you'll want to read in front of other people. That is unless they are okay with you breaking into fits of giggles periodically and having no way to explain what was so funny!" - A Fanatic's Book Blog

"...CG has a funny voice that you just have to love. Lindsay Faith Rech's strength in this book is her ability to go beneath the surface with each character and explore what everyone is hiding beneath their constructed high school exterior. IT STARTED WITH A DARE is fun, funny, a little crazy, but always honest about the importance of being yourself." - Second Star Books blog

Critical Praise for JOYRIDE:

"a roller coaster of emotions that will keep readers turning pages as fast as they can. Stella and Emily are immediately likeable characters, and readers will easily identify with them." - Amy Brozio-Andrews, Melt Magazine

"a wonderful story of two women that love each other for who they are, no matter what...There is an emotional intensity that leaves the reader captivated until the last page." - A Romance Review

"A completely addictive novel about friendship, love and betrayal." - Whitney Gaskell, Author of TRUE LOVE (and Other Lies) and PUSHING 30

"JOYRIDE is a terrific novel. Every woman needs a friend as solid as Stella. To just have one would be a blessing. Lindsay Faith Rech’s novel is a ride through a lifetime of friendship and loyalty." - Dawn Myers, Writers Unlimited

"Stella and Emily are an appealing pair, even if they sometimes make less-than-sound choices in love. Readers who liked Rech's debut, Losing It, will want to join her for this JOYRIDE." - Kristine Huntley, Booklist

"No matter what genre you love to read this is definitely one to go on the keeper shelf." - Tangela Williams, The Romance Reader's Connection

"a complex, rich and beautifully written book...Author Lindsay Faith Rech is supremely talented to pull such a story together. The vibrant and realistic descriptions of friendship, love, lust, sorrow, pain, and happiness are interwoven with the threads of the plot." - Rian Montgomery,

"In her second novel, Rech realistically details the ups and downs of female friendship, injecting both humor and emotion. To her credit, she also keeps readers guessing about Stella's friendship-threatening secret."
- Samantha J. Gust, Romantic Times

Critical Praise for LOSING IT:

"highly readable and satisfying...if you pick up this book, be prepared to be touched and maybe even moved to tears." - Rian Montgomery,

"an excellent story with an equally important message.” - Liz Ragland-Thompson, Romance Reviews Today

“A thoroughly lovable heroine anchors Rech's sweet debut.” - Kristine Huntley, Booklist

"Expect to lose time when you start this novel because you're not going to put it down until it's finished." - A Romance Review

"LOSING IT is a great book about one woman's quest to find herself and come to terms with who she is." - Dawn Myers, Writers Unlimited

"LOSING IT is a sweet, emotional read; the tenderly written Diana is an inspiration for anyone who's been dissatisfied with her life." - Kim Crow, Assistant Features Editor, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette